Discover the unbelievable lifetime

power of a first kiss…

Kara Gilbert held a crush on Greg Sheppard that grew from her first glimpse and throughout their last year of primary school. With mustered courage, she initiated their first kiss and despite never a word before, or after, being spoken, both felt the moment. Unbeknown to her, and since this kiss, Greg had searched for her until, 35 years later, he found her…

Kara’s now divorced and having escaped an abusive marriage, re-established her life alone. A chance meeting with Greg, poised on the brink of marrying a woman he adores, Tess Merchant, was it to be an intended “once off” casual encounter. What starts as a mere infatuation and curiosity, develops into an aspiring and intimate connection with overwhelming desires for sexual exploration engulfing them. Greg is torn between Tess,

and the raw, open, adventurous sexual appetite he has ignited in his relationship with his lost love Kara. 

How will Kara, Greg and Tess find the life they desire?

Kara Ignition is based on an authentic story that flames this trilogy of books which describes in explicit detail the polyamorous relationships, erotic pleasure, and love affairs most people only dare to indulge...

This book contains explicit prose that may arouse readers. Read with pleasure.


“A read hotter than Fifty Shades…Loved the character of Kara and the sexting was exceptional… great read and looking forward to the next parts of this trilogy…5 stars.”  Cathy, Indie Books Reviewer.

“I LOVE, I cannot be clear enough, LOVE the sensitive and emotional way the author has portrayed passionate polyamorous relationships and complicated love affairs in all of their conflict and generosity.”  McKinley Hellenes, Author.

RJ Horne is a refreshing new author in this realm of erotic literature and adult romance. A South Australian researcher and experienced writer, the style and stories of R.J’s first novels are based on true life encounters, and are riveting and unique. R.J writes for the pleasure of others, reminds us to indulge our fantasies whenever possible and that sex, love and intimacy are forever important parts of our lives and relationships.

After having experienced the ignition of finding a long lost first love when approaching ‘middle age,’ and a subsequent interest to observe and note the largely ignored passions and sexual challenges of mature adults, RJ Horne found that people’s stories kept ‘bumping in.’  Thus, the passionate desire to write and share stories about people; their lives, loves and complex relationships which were mostly untold, became overwhelming.

As such these intoxicating stories were born…

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